What The Hell I'm Talking About

So today I came across some... interesting websites. How they can even be considered websites is something I don't know. Basically they are just these bright, bold moving abstract patterns. I loved it. I'm sort of weird like that, but I imagine that I'm not the only one that would like this. Though I showed them to my mom and she hated them, so yeah. I am a little nervous to put these on here... they could be demonic and trigger something. Yeah... I am real paranoid like that. But I absolutely love them, although they would be a little scary (or a lot) if i looked at them in darkness. Although it majorly calmed me. So if your in your room having a melt down and crying your eyes out and you have a knife/blade/lighter in your hand and your covered in blood or burns and/or tears, maybe this can provide a sort of mind numbing something to help you maybe calmdown a little. I seriously have no idea what it really is cound be interactive. I have no idea. WARNING: The first time you view these should be during the day in the middle of a lot of people. I don't know what it could do. Chances are it's harmless but whatever. Enjoy!