I asked some of the girls for 5 things that they accomplished since they first started counseling. With there permission, I have posted them here. They are proof that recovery is possible :)

Anonymous #1:

1. Stayed clean for months now! 2. Can chill when I have my panic attacks 3. I can invest my faith into people now 4. Go to the mall 5. Talk about my issues

Anonymous #2:

1- I feel like I have at least someone who does care what happens yo me. So I don't feel too alone. 2- My depression have gotten better thanks to your advice. 3- You're always positive about everything and that really motivates me to keep on going. 4- My thoughts aren't that negative thanks to you because you're always here hearing me and giving me advice. 5- I'm on the right path thanks to your advice.

Anonymous #3:

My self image is better, im not that insecure anymore, i stopped self harming, i'm more open to others, i learned that talking about my problems is better than keeping it inside.

Anonymous #4:

I finished a whole grade without cutting

I learnt a whole song on piano

I took up a new hobby

Ive been able to be more honest with people around me

I went a month without saying something negative about myself :)

Anonymous #5:

Have been able to stay in a commited relationship

Stopped self harming

Stopped suicide attempt and feelin suicidal

Can manage my emotions properly

Can now help ither people

Anonymous #6:

i dont cut as much as i used to

i havent been really depressed because i have someone who i can rant to and gives advice.