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If you are planning on sticking around, please add your name to the list. If you are not comfortable with putting certain information, please put ...

Name Are you currently depressed? Are you currently recieving counseling? What are your opinion on this wiki? Tell us about yourself. Do you hold any specal position? admin, chat moderator, etc.?
CAREERGL06 I don't know. I'm the counselor. i created it. I have a passion for rock music, helping others, art, design, and writing. I am in chess club (don't judge.) I am rather skittish in real life. I used to have depression before and cured myself. I love bright, bold abstract art. i love things weird, slightly creepy (slightly), and vaugly unsettling (vaugly) I have no good friends in real life, because i am nervous to talk to other human beings in real life. I write poetry and other stories. I am illustrating a book and will be one of the youngest illustarators ever. i have gotten locked in a library, nearly set my house on fire (and no one ever found out.) and a bunch of other crazy things. You know those people that are reaaly witty and have great comebacks for everything? That's not me. By now you are also robably realizing that i talk too much. I know. Enjoy the wiki!!!!!!
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