Welcome To The Voice Of The People Wiki! :)

This wiki is a community for people with depression who want help, people with depression who would rather just have people to relate to, and people who used to have depression, and want to help others by posting tips and articles to get over depression. Here, we are a family. This will be the official base of VoiceOfThePeople. I decided to create VoiceOfThePeople do to past expeiriences, so, yeah, i understand how you feel. I'm not a profesional, I just tend to give good advice and know a bit about psychology. I hope that you will stay and help grow VoiceOfThePeople!!

Depression Counseling: VoiceOfThePeople (counseling is through Kik. It's a smartphone app, for those of you that don't know.)

YouTube: VoiceOfThePeopleView

Tumblr: VoiceOfThePeopleblr

Wattpad: VoiceOfThePeople (For those of you that don't know, Wattpad is website where you can read books others are writing and/or write your own. It has an app too.)

What VoiceOfThePeople Is For Someone Suffering From Depression:

Hope for a brighter future. Help. People you can relate to. A virtual home and a virtual family. The potential for happiness.

What VoiceOfThePeople Is For Someone That Used To Suffer From Depression:

The oprotunity to help others.  A virtual home and a virtual family.

What VoiceOfThePeople Does:

  • Cousel people suffering from depression.
  • Help people suffering from depresion through other sources. (YouTube, Tumblr, Here, etc.)
  • Create projects that will turn into a video, a collage, a page on here, etc.
  • Connect victims of child abuse to shelters that they will be safe in. If you need help right away, please go 'HERE'
  • Provide advice, comfort, and a loyal person that you can talk with.

What Do You Put On Pages?

  • Advice
  • Tips
  • References to other organizations

What Do You Put On Blogs?

  • Personal recovery stories
  • A question that you want answered
  • An anouncement
  • Etc.

I will be posting the projects in a blog post, so check my posts often, everyone is free to participate :)

Well, what do you want me to do now?

Please visit the following pages:

Now you can add pages, blog posts, photos, and chat in the chat room. I hope you enjoy it here!

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